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More than bits and bytes: Thought - Experience - Responsiveness
We know you need people behind the system-people who oversee a tightly controlled implementation, who can creatively design customized solutions, and who support you shoulder-to-shoulder.

Integrated Management
We know you need an integrated management solution that ties credentialling, provider and client data management, fee schedule and contract maintenance, EDI connectivity and detailed reporting and data extracts into a SINGLE relational database.
And we know that you want security and accessbility-24/7.
Reduce Operational Costs
With EDI and automatic claims repricing, we can help you reduce operational costs. We will expertly and tightly connect you to other systems and networks. If you rely on paper claims, we give you not one, but TWO options for manual entry: WebCR (an ASP model) and WebCRX (a client-server model). Maybe you need extended volume data entry support or perhaps remote access. We can help you there too.


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